Friday, December 17, 2010

McCall's 6041 Jumper

I have sewn this jumper 6 times. I have been wearing this pattern for 20 years. I find that it is very versatile and that using different fabrics makes a big difference. I have sewn it in black corduroy for winter and in light floral on white background for summer. I can wear it with a full dress underneath or with a tee-shirt. I add flannel slips and bloomers for added warmth. The solid colonial blue has small white piping to detail the bodice.

The pattern comes with an underneath dress that has long sleeves and a lacy collar. You'll see that under the orange/red one in the foremost position.

I am wearing McCall's #4548 underneath the dark purple version of this jumper. Many blouses look good with this, any sleeve length. It's my favorite pattern.

Paisley Pincushion Jumper Dress

This jumper is a pattern that you can purchase from and select from the dress patterns.

Cross Stitch Pillow Case

Some Printed Cross Stitch Pillow Cases


Friday, December 10, 2010

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cross Quilt

One day I just wanted a cross quilt for outdoor use. I chose a brown for the crosses and a natural green for the background. I call the border my "Mary Poppins" fabric.

I just fiddled around until I had the size the way I wanted it.

Wall Hanging w/Batik Fabrics

This Wall Hanging is made from hand dyed Batik fabric and regular fabric too. I called it "My Bathroom Window" because it's based on the stained glass in what else? bathroom.

Little projects are fun after you've made a thousand bed sized quilts.

Another Easy Crib Quilt

Another charm quilt of different flannels. My daughter saw the fabrics and wanted to try a quilt. This is her first quilt. I did help her. The photos show the whole completed quilt, the detail of the fabric and the backing fabric.

Whenever possible purchase the BEST flannel money can buy. Good flannel lasts for years and you'll get your money's worth from it. Plus, you don't want to work on a project and then have it wear out too quickly.

Crib Quilt--Easy Project

This is very easy and just by looking at the pictures you ought to be able to see how to do it. This is a "charm" quilt named for cut up squares you can purchase where every square is a different color. This quilt is blocked in light green flannel and the other side in a cute, subtle flannel.

Experimenting with Blocks

This is an experiment with taking normal size blocks and enlarging them. I'm not sure that I like it enough to continue so it is an unfinished project. The design is called: "Pembrokeshire" from the book called, "Making Welsh Quilts" by Jenkins and Claridge.

Flannel Bear Quilt

This is an easy way to use cute flannel. Cut it into large squares and then choose a solid flannel fabric and cut strips. To make it stand out select a strong fabric like the black used here.

Flannel is best when the least amount of quilting is used. Yarn ties are the best answer.

Easy Flannel Quilt with Bears

Detail of Fabric