Saturday, April 23, 2011

McCall's 5174 Apron Pattern that I sewed

I sewed this McCall's 5174 "craft" pattern about 22 years ago. It was called my "cooking dress" by my youngest.

I found that the pattern was a little bit complicated, not too bad though. McCall's has used this number for different patterns so if you look for this pattern make sure that you are getting an apron pattern.

In the close up you'll see that the fabric has little fruits and flowers on it. I thought it was cute to use "food" fabric for my apron.

Apron's in black and white

I purchased one black and one white apron from a company that is no longer in business. However, Katie's Mercantile appears to be selling the same apron. They call it "Ladies Favorite Apron" for under $25.00.

I like these a lot. I would like to know how to sew one of these too. The skirt part is just fabric with the selvages still visible and they are not sewn shut. This means that your dress/skirt will show on the sides.

As Quaker Jane so intelligently points out on her website it is smart to wear black for cooking with dark sauces that stain and it's smart to white when working with flour. That way what you're cooking with matches what you are wearing. I make a lot of Italian food so I like black or dark red for most of my dinner making.

I'm only showing photos of the white one as it photographs better than it's black twin.

The Scarlett Thread's Edwardian Apron

This is a much loved apron. I have worn this one so many times. This is called the hand embroidered apron and it is exactly the one you will see on the website. Lovely.

Allow me to repeat that I own this pattern but I have not yet sewn it myself. You can see the pattern in one photo. You can also see the embroidery.

The Scarlett Thread's other apron

This one was also sewn by Taylor's Scarlett Thread. They call this one the "Hand Embroidered Apron" even though there is not any embroidery on this particular apron. They are using the "Edwardian" pattern from Sense and Sensibility with permission.

I mailed in my dark red fabric and soft black trim fabric and they sewed this Apron for me. I own the patten but I "chickened out" and had them do the sewing.

It is my favorite apron!

Hannah's Apron from The Scarlett Thread

This apron is called Hannah's Apron and I bought it from the lovable "Taylor's Scarlett Thread" website. On the website the apron is shown in blue, very pretty.

It buttons down the back. I had a blouse made in the same exact fabric. It's called the "ladies blouse" on the website.

I cannot recall if I mailed the fabric or if the black tone-on-tone fabric was in their stock. They will sew items using your fabric.

I will be sharing another apron they made me with fabric that I know I mailed to them.

Lovely Apron and I like having a matching blouse. You'll see the lace details on the pocket and one photo shows the buttons on the back.


This apron is one that I just ordered from Mennonite Maidens. It is double the fabric and huge. I do not can (preserve food) but if I did I would want this apron on. It covers every thing and it appears to be fairly indestructible.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A shoe that is currently available

I recently bought a pair of Merrells. They are extremely comfortable and practical. If you are a "plain" dresser you can take a permanent black marker and obliterate the Logo.

These are Mary Jane which is a favorite for me. They stay on. They are very light weight.


Footwear is often asked about when a Christian woman first comes to obey modesty as a New Testament teaching for herself.

Many ladies come to dress wearing like I did. They think of dresses and they think of uncomfortable pantyhose and high heeled shoes. Most women find both highly unpractical. Perhaps there are times when they are useful but they are not needed for daily dress wearing.

I have attempted to describe my shoes many times and as always a photograph does the job very quickly.

I have two Birkenstock pairs and neither are sandals. I have Birkenstock boots, aka booties. I have Birkenstock Mary Janes.

I have been wearing them for a very long time and the exact styles may not be available currently.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Bonnet I DID sew

This is from the Folkwear pattern #253 the Vintage Bathing Costume which can be found elsewhere at this blog.

I used the same cotton fabric as the bathing outfit.

You can see the bonnet tied tightly where it's supposed to be tied and there is a photo showing it tied low just so that you can see the tie better. You will also be able to see that there is plenty of room for hair. I can tuck it all up inside the snood/bonnet.

There is also a photo of the inside.

One more Bonnet I did NOT sew

I bought this black cap from a company that is no longer in business. I believe they were called "She maketh herself coverings."

You'll see that it was designed to NOT contain a bun and that it has button holes inside to use for clippies. The cap is turned inside out so that you can see the clippie in one of the photos.

Bonnets I did NOT sew

The large white bonnet is extremely wonderful for sun covering and insect protection. I sprayed mine with insect repellent that lasts over 7 washings and wore it into a Malaria prone area in Asia. I got the idea to buy this from Quaker Jane (one of my personal favorite on-line teachers). The white one is available from Originals by Kay under the "fashion accessories" button and then click "millinery" and you'll see that she carries these in different fabrics.

The Grey bonnet is from Rachel's Seamstress Services and it's called the "Elizabeth." This is another of Quaker Jane's fabulous recommendations.

Thank the Lord for Quaker Jane and all the wonderful options to buy things now. When I started covering 21 years ago there was not an "internet" to learn from or to shop from.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Making the Pillow

I did not measure. I simply unzipped the pillow covering that came with the store-bought pillow and laid that down on top of my brown flannel. It served as a pattern.

Then I guessed at how much "ruffle" it was going to take and thanks to the Lord and His answering prayer it came out right. The photo will show the ruffle laying on the table.

Then I gathered the ruffle and pinned it to the FRONT of the pillow. It is pinned right side to right side--the photo makes it look like it's pinned to the wrong side. It's only this way so that you can see it well. The bigger "quilt" pins will work far better than dress-maker pins.

I cut 2 pieces for the back. They are much wider than the front and hemmed so that I can remove the pillow easily for washing. The flap is wide enough that it will not show any white pillow underneath.

After you have the ruffle sewn to the front it's time to sew the back on ONE piece at a time and then you can't make a mistake.

I did not follow any directions or pattern. I just prayed.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Flannel Pillow

I needed some big substantial pillows for reading in bed.

I waited for a "white sale" at the department store and bought the "European" style pillows.

Later I found some "manly" flannel at the quilt store and proceeded to make the pillow coverings.

I will attempt a bit of a sewing lesson with the next entry. For now I will show photos of the final product.