Sunday, March 27, 2011

Easy 4 Patch Quilt

This one was built to last for a long time. Good thing too because it's been in constant use since 1990. I chose tough fabrics. Denim, twill, & corduroy. I backed it in the highest quality flannel plaid that I have ever seen. You can see it flipped over in one photo. It has little dark red yarn ties to keep it quilted together. I wanted it to look really old fashioned and it does. My sons both love it and take turns with it. It's very heavy. In the photos it's laying on my king sized bed but that's not the bed size it was made for. It is more of a double-bed size.


  1. Very nice! I like the different shades of color...Yes, after working with denim, I can just imagine how heavy it truly is :-)


  2. Blue and white is a wonderful colour combination!
    The underside looks nice too - can you reverse it?

  3. Yes, the flannel side could be on display, however, it is the soft side and far more cuddly than the denim & twill side.

    Thanks for you nice comment too.

    Thanks to M. as well.

    Many blessings of Jesus to you both.