Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Scarlett Thread's Edwardian Apron

This is a much loved apron. I have worn this one so many times. This is called the hand embroidered apron and it is exactly the one you will see on the website. Lovely.

Allow me to repeat that I own this pattern but I have not yet sewn it myself. You can see the pattern in one photo. You can also see the embroidery.


  1. So glad to know you have been enjoying your aprons. : ) I hope you have had a lovely Resurrection Sunday!!

    In Jesus,

  2. I love the apron, where can I get the pattern?

  3. If you look above your comment you'll see a link to The Scarlet Thread's blog, they'll sell you one they have sewn. Or you can Google "Sense and Sensibility Patterns" and you'll see, at that website, the apron as a pattern and you can make it yourself.

    It is a great apron!!

  4. You mean I can get a cheaper Edwardian Apron Pattern from The Scarlet Thread's blog? I've always loved that apron. I first saw it on Candle on the Hill site. But I wasn't sure if it would fit well or be easy to sew so I never purchased it. I've finished almost another one I found free but I can not find the blog any more.

  5. You can send in your own fabric to "The Scarlet Thread" and they will sew it for you.

    Or you can buy the one they sew all the time already done in off-white.

    I don't think that "The Scarlett Thread" sells patterns. They sew for people which is good for those who don't sew.