Tuesday, May 24, 2011

McCalls 6135

McCall's 6135 ----This is called Misses Jumper, blouse, petticoat and Appliqués. It's very old but findable from used pattern sources.

I've sewn the petticoat from this pattern many times. I like it in flannel, both black and in white. I show it here in Black Taffeta and have made skirts from it too. The taffeta is that nice fabric that makes the lovely swishing sound.

I did not photograph the white & black flannel slips but in the photos you see the petticoat sewn as a green-ish skirt.

I often wear the cotton skirt over one of the flannel slips. It sticks together and acts like one garment.

I often wear the cotton skirt over the taffeta one when it's a little bit warmer.

I like this patten because it is an easy 4-gore skirt with elastic waist BUT it does have the added horizontal flounce which I usually add a lace trim to. Sometimes I add a drawstring to the elastic waist too. The Green Cotton Skirt in the photos has that feature.

I have also sewn this as a slip and not added the flounce but that was only once. I enjoy the white flannel one because of its flounce. It adds so much "body" to the jumper and/or skirt.

I like a full skirt.

I have not made the Jumper part of this pattern.

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