Monday, March 21, 2011

Easy Whole Cloth Quilt

This is a good beginning quilt.

Click the photo and it will get larger.

Take 2 pieces of 45 inch wide cotton and sew them together with batting between the layers.

Then machine quilt by outlining the shapes in the fabric and meandering in the blank spots.

One side of the fabric is corduroy for warmth and weight and the other side depicts various scenes of old fashioned women which I think are adorable. They are quilting in some of the scenes. Girls are jumping rope in another.

I like fabric that depicts covered women.

The art work in my house has covered women in it too.

I find it peaceful.

This size of quilt is just wide enough to cover one person and you can make it long enough to cover your whole body.

This is good for a lap quilt, as they are known, and in bed when one marriage partner needs more layers than the other one does. That's how I use it.