Friday, March 18, 2011

Vintage Swimming Outfit

Vintage Bathing Costume with detatchable skirt This is Folkwear #253

The first picture is with the skirt attached.

The second picture is with the skirt detached.

It attaches to those buttons that you can

see on the waistband on the romper/bloomers portion.

The bloomers and the skirt are both knee lenght but it would be easy to make either (or both) of them longer.

The instructions are very clear and very easy to follow. I like the pattern a lot and it came out just as I hoped. It's complicated. There are a zillion pieces and a new seamstress should not attempt it without an experienced person helping. You can trust the directions and just do what they say and it works. I did not really alter anything but I did "tone down" the sailor look by using the same fabric on the collar rather than using a high contrast like white over navy blue. I used black ric-rack over the already dark fabric and that was more subtle than the pattern company's finished photo. It took a lot of time but I like the outcome. I sewed this to actually wear and not as a costume and I love it. I was able to toss it in the washing machine and it came out clean and nice. I wondered if I would sink to the bottom of the lake due to the weight but I did not. It worked great and was a very modest way to enjoy a week with family at the lake this summer. The detatchable skirt is really worth having if you want to wear the outfit to the store or around the kitchen. It's better to not swim with the skirt attached. Folkwear takes apart actual vintage clothing that they find and they create a pattern. Whomever originally created this swimwear was very bright because buttoning the skirt to the waistband of the skirt is very unusual and practical too. Side Note: I did sew the "modesty bib" but I have not used it. I also sewed the cap that comes with the pattern. That was very, very easy to sew and it is soft and comfortable. I have a photo of the cap which will be posted soon. Pardon the wrinkles in my photos; my Swimming Costume had just come out of my suitcase on vacation and I wanted photos before I swam in it. I now know how washable it is and it looked even better right out of the dryer!

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  1. Hi I'm in the yahoo group with you. Love the pattern for swimming. I had an out of print pattern I got from modest handmaiden and changed it to be modest like I like. May be next time I get the pattern you used. It looks so pretty.