Saturday, April 23, 2011

Apron's in black and white

I purchased one black and one white apron from a company that is no longer in business. However, Katie's Mercantile appears to be selling the same apron. They call it "Ladies Favorite Apron" for under $25.00.

I like these a lot. I would like to know how to sew one of these too. The skirt part is just fabric with the selvages still visible and they are not sewn shut. This means that your dress/skirt will show on the sides.

As Quaker Jane so intelligently points out on her website it is smart to wear black for cooking with dark sauces that stain and it's smart to white when working with flour. That way what you're cooking with matches what you are wearing. I make a lot of Italian food so I like black or dark red for most of my dinner making.

I'm only showing photos of the white one as it photographs better than it's black twin.

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