Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Footwear is often asked about when a Christian woman first comes to obey modesty as a New Testament teaching for herself.

Many ladies come to dress wearing like I did. They think of dresses and they think of uncomfortable pantyhose and high heeled shoes. Most women find both highly unpractical. Perhaps there are times when they are useful but they are not needed for daily dress wearing.

I have attempted to describe my shoes many times and as always a photograph does the job very quickly.

I have two Birkenstock pairs and neither are sandals. I have Birkenstock boots, aka booties. I have Birkenstock Mary Janes.

I have been wearing them for a very long time and the exact styles may not be available currently.

1 comment:

  1. I wear Mary Jane style shoe pretty much all week long. Recently, I purchased boots a bit higher than yours for the winter.

    I am tired of high heels...they are so impractical.

    Mrs. M.