Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Scarlett Thread's other apron

This one was also sewn by Taylor's Scarlett Thread. They call this one the "Hand Embroidered Apron" even though there is not any embroidery on this particular apron. They are using the "Edwardian" pattern from Sense and Sensibility with permission.

I mailed in my dark red fabric and soft black trim fabric and they sewed this Apron for me. I own the patten but I "chickened out" and had them do the sewing.

It is my favorite apron!


  1. I like that very much!
    It looks so practical and lovely.
    They did a good job of sewing it for you :-)
    (Happy Easter/Resurrection Day too!)

  2. I can see why this is your favorite is mine also :-)

    Mrs. M.